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Blizzident is a customized toothbrush manufactured from 3D printing technology. Its developers claim that it can clean your teeth in merely six seconds. It even has a tongue scraper, and floss dispenser. The act of brushing is as easy as biting on the device and rapidly grinding around. Six seconds later, voila! You are done […]

You might have heard of the rumor that you are not suppose to get your teeth cleaned during pregnancy. (Learn more about dental misconceptions) That is simply a myth. In the contrary, dental cleaning is exceptionally important when you are pregnant. Pregnant women are prone to develop a condition called “pregnancy gingivitis”. The elevated hormone […]

Tribeca Dental Care has compiled a list of common dental misconceptions. Instead hearing from a friend of a friend, learn what professional dentists have to say. 1. People with “soft teeth” are more prone to develop cavities. Teeth are not soft. In the contrary, they are the hardest tissue of a human body. The acid […]

Next to dental cavity and gum diseases, halitosis is one of the most common reasons why people see dentists. Halitosis, like headache, is a symptom that can be caused by several different pathologies. For example, some liver and stomach diseases are known to cause bad bread. Sometimes, the problem can even be purely psychological. In […]

Wisdom teeth are the third and last molars in your mouth. Since they are located all the way in the back, they are difficult to clean and tend to trap food. This often leads to cavity and gingivitis. While your dentist may be more than happy to give you an unhealthy silver filling or root […]

Cold sore is one of the most common oral illness in America. Although it is hardly a life threatening problem, many people find that the discomfort to be very annoying. Additionally, the contagious nature of the disease puts everyone around the victim at risk. Fortunately, recent advance in medicine made treatment as easy as a […]

Go in front of a mirror, and open your mouth. If you see a silver filling on one of your teeth,  you may want to continue reading.   Amalgam, also known as “silver fillings,” is a type of restorative material used to fill cavities. Although it is commonly called a silver filling, it only contains […]

Dental cavities or dental caries. As a kid, you probably learned that you will have a dental cavity if you eat too much candy. Although that is an easy concept for a kid to swallow, it is a way over-simplified version of the story. Formation of dental cavities is in fact a complicated process. As […]

Does your gum bleed when you floss or brush your teeth? Is your gum red/swollen and painful to the touch? If you have the above symptoms, you probably have gingivitis (a.k.a. inflammation of the gum). If you are wondering why you are in this midst of misfortune, that is because you have not been brushing […]

The Scoop on Halloween Candy and your Teeth – Some are worse than you think… It’s that exciting time of the year when kids get to dress up in cute costumes and collect candy in their pumpkin-shaped baskets. Sadly, teeth and candy were not exactly made for each other and without proper oral hygiene and […]