Malocclusion progression ruins your dental health little bit each day.

So you want to have your teeth straightened with Invisalign. But several factors put you into a hesitant state. Maybe it’s the price, the pain, or the maintenance involved. Soon enough, you become preoccupied, and decide to wait it out. Your teeth won’t wait for you.

Malocclusion Progression stage 1

Early stage of malocclusion begin as mild alignment issue

In most cases, malocculsion begin as a mild alignment issue. Most patients decide to leave it untreated as it has a small impact on the overall appearance.








Malocclusion Progression stage 2

As pressure builds up from the back, teeth are being pushed towards the front

Given enough time, malocclusion progression brings your dental problem to the next level. Pressure builds up from the back, and pushes the teeth towards the front. Uneven distribution of pressure causes teeth to shift or rotate.









Malocclusion Progression stage 3

Other dental problems begin to arise as malocclusion progresses

As malocclusion progress, other issues begin to arise. Crowding teeth are difficult to clean. They also get worn down or fractured more rapidly. Now it will cost more money to fix your dental problems than you would have to if the problem was attended early on.







Don’t let malocclusion progression turn small dental issue into big ones. It is best treated in its earliest stages, so don’t wait! If you have a hard time deciding whether or not Invisalign is right for you, contact a provider and they will give you a thorough consultation to help you decide.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Invisalign, Click here.

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