wisdom-teeth-lordWisdom teeth are the third and last molars in your mouth. Since they are located all the way in the back, they are difficult to clean and tend to trap food. This often leads to cavity and gingivitis. While your dentist may be more than happy to give you an unhealthy silver filling or root canal treatment in exchange for a fee, the wisest thing to do to your wisdom teeth is to take them out before they cause problem.

Wisdom teeth can be either impacted (hidden in jaw bone or gum tissue), erupted(out and visible), or semi-erupted(half erupted). Semi-erupted wisdom teeth are the worst kind, because a flap of gum tissue covering part of the tooth acts like a pocket for food and germs.

Wisdom teeth can also grow horizontally instead of vertically like other teeth. When it happens, they can push against the adjacent teeth, causing malocclusion. They can also put pressure on your jaw bone, causing jaw pain. When you have one of the above symptoms, it is almost always recommended to have them taken out.

wisdom_tooth_ageIf you want to have your wisdom teeth taken out, it is wiser to do so earlier than later. The roots of the wisdom teeth can grow longer as you age, thus complicating the extraction. If for any reason that you need to have them extracted at a later age, you should consult an oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth extraction is potentially dangerous, especially when the roots are fully developed.


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