In recent years, Invisalign has become known as the “clear alternative” to metal braces. With Invisalign, the teeth are gently moved into a healthier position using a set of clear plastic spacers. These convenient spacers can be removed at any time and do not require surgery.

Because Invisalign is so powerful and discreet, it has proven popular with adults, teens and kids. In many cases, it’s faster than conventional braces. But did you know that it can help you with practically any common orthodontic problem?

Let’s look at the many things Invisalign can do.

Why Should I Get Invisalign Near Me? - Tribeca Dental

Bite Problems

Bite problems refer to significant misalignment of the teeth, usually with one set of teeth being more prominent than the other. Invisalign can be used on the misaligned teeth to correct them.


In an overbite, the upper teeth are significantly more prominent than the lower teeth. To correct this, Invisalign is used on the full set of more prominent teeth, realigning them with the others.


An underbite is similar to an overbite; the lower teeth are affected and treated with Invisalign.


With a crossbite, a tooth on one side of the mouth is too close to either the cheek or tongue when compared to its opposite tooth. In this situation, Invisalign can be used on one or both sides.

Open Bite

In an open bite, all the front teeth are forced outwards. This makes it impossible for the teeth of upper and lower jaw to meet when the mouth is closed. Invisalign is typically used on both sides.


A malocclusion is a more general term referring to conditions where the teeth are not aligned correctly when the jaw is closed. For example, a crossbite is considered a type of malocclusion.

Gapped Teeth and Spacing Issues

Invisalign can correct situations where teeth appear to have extra space between them due to simple spacing issues. If a gap is caused by a missing tooth, other treatments are necessary.

Overcrowded Mouth

Overcrowding can occur from a very early age if “adult teeth” do not erupt correctly from the gums. By straightening teeth through Invisalign, there will be more space in the mouth overall.


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