Preventative dental care means dental procedures designed to prevent cavities, gum disease, loss of teeth, and other unwanted conditions.

What is a Preventative Dental Check-Up?

A typical dental check-up has two parts. Part one, by the dental hygienist, is the taking of any X-rays that are due, teeth cleaning, polishing, plaque and tartar removal, periodontal probing, and oral hygiene instructions. Part two, by the dentist, is the visual examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and recommendations. To gather information for Dr. Dorfman’s analysis, we use an intra-oral camera, a periodontal probe, and digital X-rays. Dr. Dorfman recommends a dental checkup and cleaning schedule of at least twice a year.

What are Preventative Dental X-Rays?

Just like X-rays help identify issues in other parts of your body, a dentist uses dental X-rays to uncover a variety of potential or current complications to your oral health. Instead of waiting for the problem to become overwhelmingly painful, complex, or expensive, your dentist can snap a few X-rays and soon uncover an appropriate diagnosis and plan of action. Without this incredible technology, patients would spend far more time and money attempting to repair highly damaged teeth and jaws.

When Should Mouth Guards Be Used?

There are two situations when teeth benefit from extra protection. One is when you are sleeping and one is when you are very, very awake — during athletics. The need is obvious for a dental guard while engaged in football, boxing, wrestling, hockey, baseball, and other sports-dangerous-to-your-teeth. Athletic guards prevent lost and broken teeth, thus avoiding thousands of dollars in dental expenses.

What Is Periodontal Care & Exams?

Periodontics deals with the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Along with the jaw bones, gums hold teeth firmly in place and protect below-the-gum tooth surfaces, which lack protective enamel. When gums are compromised, bacteria can slip into the vulnerable area between teeth and gums. The result may be tooth decay, gum infection, or both.

Periodontal disease is a serious dental risk that can damage gums and even affect the jaw bone in severe cases. It’s important to get a periodontal exam at least once per year at a dentist in NYC.

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