veneers vs crowns-which-option-is-best-for-meWhen Are Mini Dental Implants the Best Option?

Traditional dental implants aren’t the best option for many patients. There are several circumstances that make mini implants a better choice. For instance, a regular-sized implant is not ideal for patients who have major bone loss in their jaw. Another obstacle is time. Often the process for implanting regular dentures requires multiple appointments. Overall, the process can take several months. Additionally, some patients can’t handle invasive surgical procedures, such as bone grafting treatments that provide bone support for the implant post. For these situations, mini implants are an alternative to full-size dental implants.

Is It Necessary to Replace a Missing Tooth?

A missing tooth can lead to serious dental issues. It increases your chances of getting periodontal disease or cavities. This is the result of fluid and food particle buildup in the gap. Without the support of the absent tooth, the adjacent teeth slide and become misaligned. A missing tooth can cause mild to severe dental problems over time.

What’s Involved in the Mini Dental Implant Procedure?

A mini implant procedure is simple compared to the placement of regular dental implants. Small implants don’t require extensive surgical intervention. The procedure is performed at your dentist’s office using local anesthesia. Plus, there’s no need for sutures. A tiny incision is made where the missing tooth was located. A titanium root is inserted into the socket where the tooth’s natural root was located. After the site is given time to heal, the mini dental implant is placed in position. In most cases, everything is completed during one dental visit.

Mini implants are an ideal solution for individuals who want to save time and avoid invasive surgical procedures.

How Do You Care for Mini Dental Implants?

Mini implants require proper dental care. They are no different than natural teeth in that regard. We recommend the following optimal hygiene practices:

• Flossing once each day

• Brushing two times a day

• Using fluoride enhanced toothpaste

The mini implant procedure does leave your gums a little sensitive. With this in mind, use an extra soft bristle toothbrush. This way you can avoid any irritation to your teeth and gums. Following a daily oral hygiene regimen will keep your mini implants (and natural teeth) strong and healthy for years to come.

Renew Your Smile at Tribeca Dental Care Today!

Don’t let a missing tooth rob you of your confidence. Replace it with a mini dental implant. In most cases, you’ll have your beautiful smile back in one day. To learn more, contact Tribeca Dental Care. Our friendly, dedicated staff can answer any questions you have.

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