At Tribeca Dental Care in NYC, we understand that you cannot feel your best when you do not feel confident that you look your best. Our compassion and expertise help restore your mouth to its functional and aesthetic ideal. One way to remedy any missing teeth you may have is by use of dental bridges or implant bridges.


Dental Bridges

When you have a missing tooth, you may be self-conscious when you talk and smile, even speaking artificially so no one can see the big space in your mouth. Your tongue may constantly be darting to that hole, and food may get stuck in funny ways. You may even worry about the adjacent teeth shifting because there is nothing holding them in place. However, a missing tooth is a surprisingly common problem that can be remedied by your dentist with the use of dental bridges.

The artificial tooth used to fill in space in your mouth is called a pontic. A pontic is specially crafted, so it mimics a real tooth. Impressions of your teeth are taken to be used as a guide, so everything fits properly once inserted. Since it is designed just for you, special care is taken so that your pontic:

  • Blends in color with your other teeth
  • Looks similar in appearance to your other teeth
  • Is in good proportion to your other teeth

Once your dental bridge is in place, your self-confidence resumes because no longer is there a gaping hole in your mouth that shows when you smile. It becomes easier to chew food again, and any worries about shifting teeth immediately disappear.


Implant Bridges

Since ameliorating any dental problems usually involves a combination of functional and cosmetic solutions, dental implant bridges are a great fix since they often resolve both of those issues. Rather than using crowns, an implant bridge uses dental implants as the agent to help fill the hole your missing tooth has left behind.

While this procedure is more complicated and time-consuming than dental bridges, implant bridges have the benefit of being known as the strongest, most secure way to treat your gap. And most importantly, this is considered a permanent solution, meaning you do not need to worry about replacing it once implanted.

Patients find that their lives are greatly improved once they get implant bridges since before long, they forget that the implant is even there. For those who have suffered as a result of living with missing teeth, this is a tremendous innovation.



At Tribeca Dental Care, we offer a choice of materials — ceramic or gold. Both are made with a layer of porcelain on the outside to give a natural appearance to the teeth.


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