If your top teeth and your bottom teeth do not meet, you may have an open bite. This misalignment of the teeth is more than just a cosmetic problem. Luckily, with the help of our amazing team of dentists, you can address the issue and have a healthier smile in no time.

How Do I Know if I Have an Open Bite?

An open bite is often diagnosed when the top and bottom teeth in part of the mouth do not touch when the mouth is fully closed. When your top teeth are slanted forward towards the outside of your mouth, causing your front teeth not to touch, you have an anterior open bite. When your front teeth meet but your back teeth do not, you have a posterior open bite. Open bites such as these are common in both children and adults.

Should My Open Bite Concern Me?

An open bite may seem like a problem for your personal confidence more than anything else, but open bites may actually be dangerous. Open bites may cause speech difficulties and swallowing problems and increase risks of root resorption. Severe open bites may also make it difficult to eat certain foods, especially round fruits like apples and pears. Root resorption is an especially serious issue, in part because it may require a root canal or other major dental procedures for treatment. Root resorption happens when the gums absorb part of the tooth. In some cases, the gums can absorb the inner tissue, or dentin, which leaves the tooth hollow and highly susceptible to damage or even loss of the tooth.

Can Invisalign Really Fix My Open Bite?

Invisalign is a gradual process, much like braces, so the change will take time. However, it is very possible that Invisalign could improve or eliminate your open bite. Invisalign, in the hands of trained dental and orthodontic experts, has helped patients reduce or defeat their open bites with no surgery involved. Over time, this technology gently moves teeth into a more natural and healthy alignment. Your smile will not only look better after Invisalign, but it will also feel and function better as well.

How Do I Get a Trusted Tribeca Dentist to Help?

The experts at Tribeca Dental Care want to help you look and feel your best. Our priority is your health and happiness. To find out if you have an open bite, learn more about Invisalign open bite correction, or schedule a consultation with our incredible staff, contact us today.

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