Dental Dentures

When a large number of your teeth are missing or must be removed for your health, the function and appearance of your original teeth need to be restored with artificial teeth. In modern times, there are new ways to do this, such as implants. The traditional method is dental dentures.

There are new, more natural-looking materials being used for dental dentures today, and the design has steadily improved. You can expect your dentures to provide comfortable talking and chewing.

Will my Dentures be Removable?

Removable Dentures:

  • Full traditional dentures, consisting of a full set of upper teeth, a full set of lower teeth, or both
  • A partial denture, consisting of a gum-colored plastic or nylon base with a small number of artificial teeth attached
  • An over-denture, which is made to fit over a small number of remaining teeth or over dental implants.
  • Implant dentures, which are partial or full dentures anchored to small titanium posts, which have been surgically set into the jawbone. They may be made removable, for ease of cleaning.

Non-Removable Dentures:

  • Fixed partial dental dentures (another name for a dental bridge) are not removable by the patient, since they are bonded to crowned teeth on either side of the false tooth or teeth.

Replacing Dentures

All types of dentures are supported by existing teeth and/or by the bones and tissues of the mouth. Time brings change, so your dentures may not fit properly anymore. You may have noticed a gradual decrease in comfort or fit over the years.

If you have been wearing dentures now for some years and are thinking of replacing them, ask Dr. Dorfman about the improvements that have been made recently both in the design and the materials used for dentures. A better fit can result in a younger appearance and make day-to-day life much more enjoyable. After all, whether natural or artificial, your teeth are always with you.

Implant Dentures

You may have had a problem with loose dentures, or perhaps you are looking into the future and want to ensure you never have to be concerned about that.

If so, ask about implant dentures. These are securely snapped over titanium screws (implants) that have been surgically set directly into the jawbone. This technique can be used for either lower or upper dentures, or both, and can improve your smile, speech and chewing ability.

Which are the Best Dentures?

At Tribeca Dental Care, Dr. Dorfman will advise you as to which particular system of dentures would be best in your case, taking into consideration health, convenience and cost.

Placing mini implants requires only one visit, with no incision or stitches.

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