Dental Extraction Causes

Sometimes teeth just need to be removed. For example

  • Teeth that are blocking others from coming in
  • Extra teeth
  • Teeth to be removed for orthodontia
  • Impacted wisdom teeth (teeth not able to erupt fully)
  • Fractured teeth
  • Teeth that are too decayed to save by root canal therapy

The removal of a tooth by a dentist or surgeon (as opposed to a more casual method, such as a fist fight) is called a tooth extraction.

The easiest extraction requires only a local anesthetic and is accomplished by pulling out the tooth with an instrument called a dental forceps.

Sometimes, it is more difficult to extract a tooth, such as when it is not fully erupted. In those cases (not as common), full anesthesia, true surgery, and probably the services of an oral surgeon will be required.

Extraction After-Care

Your dentist or surgeon will give you tooth extraction after-care instructions that explain how to ensure full healing of the wound. To save yourself the pain and swelling that can result from an infected or inflamed wound, follow the instructions exactly as written.

Feel free to call any time you are not sure you fully understand; also call if anything happens that you didn’t expect or that seems alarming.

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