Invisalign diet is one of the most effective weight loss diet out there. While there is no diet restriction during Invisalign treatment, the invisible aligners need to be taken off before a meal. Proper brushing and flossing is required before you put your aligners back in. For people who have a snacking habit, it deters them from munching a handful of m&m’s throughout the day. Although there is no research data out there suggesting that Invisalign promotes weight loss, just imagine the hassle having to brush and floss every time you snack on something. Most people give up their snacking habit because it simply doesn’t worth the trouble.

Invisalign diet also restricts your beverage intake to colorless and sugarless fluids. Water, seltzer, and vodka are the kind of beverages you can drink while having your aligners on. On the other hand, soda, juice, and red wine are not the kind of beverages you should drink while wearing your aligners. The acidity can ruin your aligners, and the sugar will increase your risk of cavity. Colored beverages can stain your aligners, turning them not so invisible… If you think about it, Invisalign actually reduces your risk of getting diabetes by lowering your sugar intake.

Invisalign is a win-win for your teeth and your body. Getting your teeth straightened and getting rid of a few extra pounds.

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