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Thinking about teeth whitening? When it comes to improving the look of your teeth, there are many options to consider. At Tribeca Dental Care, we offer one of the most advanced and effective methods in modern dentistry: Zoom whitening.

You may also have heard of LumiBrite, another well-known whitening technique.

Both of these approaches are far better than conventional whitening. Zoom whitening, especially, provides fast and dramatic results in a short time. That’s a lot better than over-the-counter products that can take months to work and are never as powerful.

What are the key differences you should know about before you choose Zoom or LumiBrite? Let’s find out.

Zoom Whitening: The #1 Whitening Solution

Zoom whitening is an approximately 60-minute procedure using a concentrated whitening agent. To get the best results, we recommend a dental cleaning before the whitening process. Afterwards, protective material is applied to the soft tissue of your mouth so the whitening chemicals only make contact with the front surface of your teeth.

The whitening agent is carefully applied, and then activated using a potent medical laser. To efficiently eliminate all the stains possible, the procedure is broken down into four 15-minute laser sessions. Multiple laser passes ensure deep whitening and long-lasting results. That’s much more effective than techniques using gel alone, which can be abrasive.

That’s all it takes: You’re done! However, you’ll have to avoid certain foods for about 48 hours and adhere to a special diet.

LumiBrite: A “Bright” Alternative

Zoom whitening is so fast and effective; you might wonder why another whitening option is even needed. LumiBrite uses a proprietary whitening gel that does not require laser activation. It also includes fluoride, which supports the overall health of your teeth.

There are three varieties of LumiBrite gel using different concentrations of the key ingredients, so treatment can be customized to your dental health and desired results. Most of the time, one 30-minute application will do the trick. Up to two applications can occur per treatment.

Although LumiBrite is very fast, some people might experience discomfort when using the stronger gel varieties. Plus, if your desired results aren’t achieved within 60 minutes, you may need to consider a second appointment – that’s virtually unheard of with Zoom.

For the Best Teeth Whitening in NYC, Try Tribeca Dental Care

If you need teeth whitening in Tribeca, contact Tribeca Dental Care for expert help getting a bright smile: (212) 431-4582.

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