Blizzident is a customized toothbrush manufactured from 3D printing technology.

It's not a fluffy denture. It's Blizzident.

It’s not a fluffy denture. It’s Blizzident.

Its developers claim that it can clean your teeth in merely six seconds. It even has a tongue scraper, and floss dispenser. The act of brushing is as easy as biting on the device and rapidly grinding around. Six seconds later, voila! You are done cleaning your teeth. This all sounds great, but is it too good to be true?

Blizzident definitely has some advantage over traditional toothbrushes. Although everyone owns a toothbrush, not everyone knows the proper brushing techniques. Poor brushing technique can leave dirt behind, or it can even damage your teeth and gum. Assuming the design is genuine, Blizzident can definitely eliminate user error.

So why is Blizzident able to do the job in six seconds while traditional toothbrush requires solid two minutes? An average person has 34 teeth, and Blizzident is brushing them all at the same time. Six seconds times 34 teeth equals three and half minutes. So the math does work out. I

t sounds awesome, but there are other reasons why you would want to keep toothpaste on your teeth for more than six seconds. Many toothpastes contain fluoride as one of the ingredients. It is promotes re-mineralization, and helps repair damaged teeth. Some toothpaste also have anti-bacterial properties and helps eliminate harmful bacteria. Those arsenals are time-dependent; the longer you leave them on your teeth, the more you can benefit from it.

Blizzident even has build-in floss holder that allows you to place floss right

between the teeth. It sounds good in theory, but any dentist will tell you that flossing is much more than just going back and forth. The floss must hug around the teeth and goes below the g

um line to effectively remove plaque.

The bottom line is, the reason that people don’t brush their teeth is not because they cannot spare two minutes in their busy life. They don’t brush their teeth because they fail to realize the benefit they can gain and the trouble they can avoid. If you don’t have a good habit of maintaining oral hygiene, and you want to improve it with Blizzident. Chances are, it is going to end up in the garage like that multipurpose juicer that you bought from late night TV ad.

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