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Overbite & Underbite Correction

Underbite correction has never been easier thanks to Invisalign!

You’ve probably heard about Invisalign as the fast, convenient way to realign teeth without the use of traditional metal braces. In fact, it is a great solution for these issues even later in life, when surgery might appear to be the only other option.

Convenient Overbite Correction with Invisalign: Just the Facts

Invisalign is becoming more popular for certain types of overbite and underbite cases. It can’t be used in all cases; however, a dentist must first diagnose the underlying source of the problem.

An underbite or overbite refers to your teeth overlapping in a way they shouldn’t; either the top or the bottom of the mouth becomes more prominent as a result. This can distort your facial expressions and may lead to uneven wear on teeth and jaws.

Over time, that can lead to a higher incidence of dental health problems.

Luckily, both versions of this condition can be treated conveniently with Invisalign in cases where the issue is caused by improper alignment of the teeth.

There’s another, more severe possibility: That the jaw itself is misaligned. This might require more intensive treatment, which often includes surgery. However, this situation is very rare.

Underbite Correction NYC Locals Love – Fast, Convenient, Effective

In the event your overbite or underbite is treatable with Invisalign, you’ll be fitted with a set of the customized clear plastic aligners the brand is famous for. These are highly convenient:

  • They’re easy to put on and can be removed by the user at any time.
  • The plastic aligners are practically invisible, unlike traditional braces.
  • Using Invisalign never has to interfere with sports or eating.
  • Invisalign is typically a faster course of treatment than braces.

Even if you’ve never been bothered by your bite issue before, it’s important to get it treated. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll develop TMJ, a painful disorder of the jaw. Once the situation gets worse, it usually can’t be corrected without a surgery.

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