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Orthodontic Bands vs. Invisalign

When our patients compare dental options they often come to Tribeca Dental Care and ask us about different treatments and which are most effective. Invisalign is a great option that we recommended to many of our patients, but they sometimes ask us: What about orthodontic bands?

Before you make your mind up about which treatment is right for you, there are a few things you should know.

Orthodontic bands haven’t been approved by the FDA

The first thing we educate patients on is the fact that the FDA has not approved orthodontic bands as a dental treatment. They’ve been on the market for years, are sold by a variety of companies, and are typically only available via mail-order.

The difference between Invisalign and orthodontic bands

One thing we always let our patients know is that Invisalign works faster than the bands because you get controlled movement of the teeth every two weeks with fresh aligners.

On the other hand, the orthodontic bands simply tug on the teeth. This can close up spaces between teeth, but those who use them have much less control over how the teeth are pulled. In the end, some people end up with crooked teeth. These bands can also change the bite of a person so that the teeth don’t come together as they should – which can led to eating complications and tooth damage.

Invisalign is considered a better long-term solution

Another fact we want to make sure everyone knows is that once the initial Invisalign treatment is complete, there’s a period of stabilization where the aligners are used at night. This ensures the teeth stay in place for good. There is no such element to the bands so once they’re not in use anymore, the teeth will start moving again.

Tribeca Dental Care

As you consider your options, let a dentist in NYC assess your teeth and give you their recommendations based not on anecdotal testimonials but your specific needs and their own professional experience. If you’re considering Invisalign in Tribeca, we at Tribeca Dental Care are ready to help you find the right teeth straightening procedure. Give us a call and let us consult with you on the most effective treatment for your dental needs.

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