New studies are revealing more and more the importance of oral health and its effects on overall health. For women, this correlation may be more important than anyone previously thought. New research shows that there is a distinct connection between women’s health issues and gum disease.

Huge hormonal changes take place at puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Charlene Krejci, an associate clinical professor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, conducted a study in which she found that fluctuating female hormones can change conditions in the mouth. This can lead to more bacteria growth. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream and make certain health conditions worse.

Bacteria that grows in the mouth and enters the blood can cause fetal death, premature births, and bone loss. These are serious health conditions that women need to watch out for. Visiting a dentist regularly is imperative for keeping a healthy mouth and preventing these issues.

Krejci says that the research supports the idea that there is a specific connection between women’s hormones, gum disease, and specific health issues that impact women. Though women typically take better care of their oral health than men, this research makes it even more important for women to regularly visit a dentist in their home area. A dentist can detect a potential problem before it becomes more serious.

In the past, women were discouraged from seeing the dentist when pregnant. Now though they are being encouraged to have regular visits to make sure that gum disease is prevented. Severe gum disease may require surgery, but it can be prevented by brushing and flossing daily. A visit to the dental office every six months is also recommended.

Dentists are taking this new research into account when informing patients about the importance of proper oral hygiene. Women need to be aware of the effects that hormones may have on their oral health. This is essential for preventing serious health problems.

Our dentists at Tribeca Dental Care are looking into more and more ways to help women keep healthy gums, a healthy mouth, and a healthy life.

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