Making your premier dentist visit doesn’t ever have to be a stressful experience when you’re working with the right team. Choosing the right dentist for the job is, of course, the primary way to ensure that your experience is a good one, but doing a bit of research on the subject certainly never hurts. Knowing what to expect during your first-time dentist appointment can help you properly prepare for your exam and get a better idea of what, exactly, you’ll be dealing with during your short stay.

Pre-Visit Necessities

When you show up for your first check-up or procedure, you’ll need to provide some basic patient information before the process can begin. Therefore, be sure to plan accordingly and take enough time off from work or school. Ideally, you should show up around half an hour before your scheduled appointment time in order to fill out the required paperwork.

Giving yourself plenty of extra time for this part of the process cuts down on stress significantly, and ensures you’re starting the dentist visit off on the right foot. If finding the time to show up early is a challenge due to a full schedule, don’t worry. You can print out the necessary forms from most dentists’ websites and fill them out ahead of time.

Furthermore, checking up on your insurance policy before heading in is an excellent idea. This gives you a better idea of how much you can expect to pay for your visit so you’re not surprised by copays or charges for services that your plan doesn’t cover. If you’re uninsured, do a bit of research about the cost of dental cleanings so you’ll be financially prepared. Call your dentist to inquire about prices to get a better estimate of how much you might pay out of pocket.

A Routine Cleaning

If you’re not scheduling a specific treatment such as a gum lift or teeth whitening, the odds are that you’re coming in for a check-up and cleaning. This process is a straightforward one, and generally has patients in and out of the office in under an hour. There are several steps your dentist will take during this process.

  1. You’ll receive an examination that pinpoints problem areas such as cavities and sets a baseline for the procedure. This might involve taking X-rays if you haven’t been to a dentist at all in the past few years.
  2. Using a set of hook-like metal instruments and specialized mirrors, dentists will remove plaque and tartar.
  3. Your teeth receive a thorough brushing.
  4. Cleaned teeth are flossed.
  5. Your mouth is rinsed thoroughly.
  6. Some patients may undergo a fluoride treatment.

Each of these steps not only cleans your teeth but also seeks to protect them against future threats. The routine is a common one that dentists perform daily, so you can rest assured your expert team will give you the quick, painless, and effective results you need.

After the Visit

Cleanings are routine dental procedures and generally won’t require much aftercare. If it’s your first time undergoing a cleaning, however, you may find that your gums or jaw are mildly sore. In this case, over-the-counter pain medication is typically enough to keep the pain under control. If this fails, contact your dentist to learn about other potential solutions.

Generally, it’s best to get a cleaning and checkup every six months. This provides your dental team with the best odds of identifying problems as they arise so you don’t find yourself dealing with painful issues down the line. Go ahead and make your next appointment at the end of your first visit.

If it’s been a while since your last visit, don’t wait. Make sure your teeth are healthy and protected against everyday threats by scheduling an appointment with the experts at Tribeca Dental today.

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