When the phrase “teeth whitening” is mentioned, most people think of whitening Zoom immediately. However, that is not the best and only way

LumiBrite Whitening Kit

LumiBrite Whitening Kit

to whiten your teeth. With harsh chemical and ultraviolet light, Zoom can create severe sensitivity in some people. Also it requires you to sit on the dental chair for 45 minutes with uncomfortable instruments in your mouth.

LumiBrite gives you the convenience of whitening your teeth at home. When you come into the dental office, we take your impres

sion and create

customized trays for you. Since they are customized to your dental anatomy, they fit much better than

the over the counter whitening strips. In the kit, you will receive six syringes of whitening gels. They are high concentration peroxide that can dissolve the toughest stain.


Whiten your teeth with LumiBrite custom trays

Next, you apply the gel onto the customized trays, and wear them for three minutes a day. You will see significant result even just after the first treatment.

The benefit of LumiBrite is that it does not cause too much sensitivity even for

people who have sensitive teeth. The cost is much lower than the Zoom whitening, and you can do it at your own leisure instead of coming to the dental office.

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