Keeping your teeth white and healthy during the holidays is just as difficult as keeping your waistline trim. With sweet treats and weeks worth of parties, good dental habits are essential to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful through the holiday season. All those candies, cookies, cakes, parties, family dinners, and celebratory drinks can take a toll. And so keeping your smile beautiful can take a bit of willpower, too – avoiding tooth decay is as challenging as avoiding extra calories.

Seasonal celebrations and holiday fun fills this time of year with each food, sweets, and drinks. As schedules get busier, time for proper habits seems to disappear. While the holidays seem to offer innocent fun, the consequences could be serious: gum disease, tooth decay, and the early stages of many dental disorders. To combat this, basic brushing and flossing routines must not be set aside.

Brush and floss three times a day to keep your smile brilliant and healthy through the holidays. Daily use of mouthwash is also crucial in the fight against disease or infection. Be sure not to brush too hard, and replace your toothbrush every few months. Speak with a dentist clinic if you need advice on the best toothbrush to use for your teeth.

Even something as simple as drinking water, especially after enjoying sweet or acidic foods and drinks, will help to wash your mouth and keep your teeth healthy. This may also be a helpful trick in cutting back on calories. Another option is to chew sugarless gum; this will help fight bacteria between your teeth and wash away bits of food left behind.

Most importantly, visit a dentist clinic and dentist office as soon as possible. If you have children, be sure to ask specifically for a pediatric dentist.Regular cleanings and exams – for children, adults, and seniors, are essential to maintaining a healthy, happy smile. Don’t threaten your brilliant, beautiful look this holiday season: schedule an appointment with a dentist office today.

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