Every person wants to look good in front of other people. Awesome clothes, check; deo and perfume, check; dandruff-free hair, check; clean pearly whites . . . oh no! Rush to the bathroom and have a good brush!

As any well-groomed individual can affirm, not being able to brush one’s teeth after each meal is a misdemeanor against hygiene. But having misaligned teeth can look even worse. When smiling, the appearance and alignment of teeth can make or break a first impression. The same is true when establishing rapport and engaging an audience-as perfectly illustrated in sales presentations and public speeches. In a place like New York City, first impressions matter; and a winning smile can seal the deal. Here’s where getting top-notch Invisalign from NYC dental practices like Tribeca Dental Care becomes handy.

What Invisalign Is

Invisalign is a braces system conceptualized by Zia Chishti in the mid-1990s. He joined forces with Kelsey Wirth in 1997 to develop and produce the system under Align Technology, Inc. with the first batch of treatments administered in May 2000. At present, more than 700,000 people around the world use Invisalign. The system involves a clear retainer set that is virtually identical to teeth-whitening trays.

Interested dental patients must pass Align’s Smile Assessment test, and find a qualified dental practitioner who has completed an Invisalign training course. During the consultation, the practitioner makes a computer model of the patient’s teeth, and plans out the assembly of the aligners. Once installed, the aligners work by gradually pushing the teeth into their proper places. The aligners should be removed during meals, and while brushing, though. The patient using Invisalign needs to return to the dental office every few weeks for further adjustments.

Invisalign treatments usually cost around $3,000 to $9,000 depending on the complexity involved. While such treatments may seem pricey, a trusted NYC cosmetic dentist such as one from Tribeca Dental Care will see to it that every patient gets the best value for his money-and the best smile he can ever flash.

Having a clean and aligned set of teeth is as important as good grooming when it comes to making first and lasting impressions. Brushing properly and visiting a dental practice regularly can enhance dental aesthetics. Combined with top-of-the-line treatments, such practices can help one get that big apple smile.

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