invisalign at Tribeca Dental CareMillions of people all over the United States, including many New York residents, have issues with the spacing and straightness of their teeth. The safest and most effective way to address these problems is through braces or the new clear alternative, Invisalign.

Unfortunately, some people opt for a “do it yourself” approach – which can be dangerous!

People may not realize the tremendous negative impact that DIY braces can have on teeth. Sadly, there’s often been some significant damage by the time they find out. Before you settle on a DIY solution, be sure you read about the risks. It simply isn’t worth it!

DIY Braces: A Dangerous Trend in New York and Across the U.S.

Just a few years ago, the idea of doing braces yourself might have been unthinkable.

With a challenging economy, less free time and the anxiety some feel about visiting the dentist, things have changed. Although there are no solid statistics on the prevalence of DIY braces, the trend is clearly on the rise. Dentists are seeing more of these cases every year.

Consider the risks:

Lost Teeth

The most common and most obvious problem with this approach is the threat of lost teeth. Once an adult loses a tooth, for any reason, it is a dental emergency. If the issue can’t be treated within two hours, the odds of keeping the tooth go down significantly.

Damage to the Gums or Nerves

Teeth are anchored within the mouth through soft tissue and a system of sensitive nerves. If these are damaged, it can interfere with blood flow to multiple teeth. Within a short time, teeth could become loose or damaged, with severe pain. These teeth will often require replacement.

Dental Infection

Dentists take a number of careful precautions to prevent infection when installing any kind of orthodontic device. When putting metal in or near your mouth at home, there’s a significant risk of infection. Even if you don’t get a single cut, you can still end up sick.

Tribeca Dental Care is the Dentist in NYC You Can Trust With Invisalign

If you’re looking for a dental office for orthodontic issues, Tribeca Dental Care offers excellent quality, caring service using the latest technology. We can assist you with braces or help in the wake of a DIY disaster. We’ve served patients from all over New York.

Isn’t it your turn? To find out more, contact us today.

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