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At Tribeca Dental Care, ensuring our customers achieve comfort in their smile is our top priority. Nothing says accomplished like wide grins beaming with confidence! Wire braces can attract attention and leave one feeling undervalued. How do we stop that negative narrative? Invisalign braces correct unique smiles with transparency in mind. Clear, custom, and unassuming fitted aligners that are simple-to-use and easy-to-remove make Invisalign invaluable. Bi-weekly in-depth appointments with a qualified Invisalign Dentist keep the newest method for teeth straightening on trend and on track, helping any enterprising New Yorker to secure that million dollar grin!

Can You Drink with Invisalign?

Maintaining the day-to-day while wearing Invisalign should be an easy transition. Unlike bulky braces, the versatility of Invisalign allows clients the freedom to satisfy those incessant hunger pangs or quench thirsts without any embarrassing “food” leftovers. To address the unknowns, there are some important things to know to help aligners function properly. Here are five things to keep in mind when drinking with Invisalign:

#1 What’s Your Poison?

Invisalign-staining drinks frequently are seen circulating about on a chilly winter day. Coffee, wine, and tea have a propensity for turning white or clear into shades of brown. These types of drinks are on the “drink-dont’s” list for Invisalign wearers, but don’t panic! The idea of utilizing Invisalign braces in NYC isn’t obsolete despite the multitude of coffee drinkers that mill our boardwalk. Slip-off aligners remove and allow wearers to sip without fear of impending caffeine withdrawals.

#2 Are you Hot or Cold?

Steaming soups and beverages might misshape the heat-softened plastic aligners. Rather than taking the chance, when in doubt, take them out. Drinking cold water while wearing Invisalign Braces might help to rinse out any sneaky bacteria that tries to insinuate itself onto pearly whites.

#3 Sugar Fasting

The pull of an insatiable sweet tooth is a faux pas for Invisalign users, but only while wearing them. Plaque caused by sugary beverages can form when the snug fit of custom aligners inhibits bacteria neutralizing saliva. Everything in moderation!

#4 The Acid Reflex

We know acidity in sodas can harm our enamel. Invisalign might create a “catch-all” where the acidic properties gather and sit on fragile teeth. The automatic reflex to counteract that effect is aligner removal to safeguard smiles!

#5 Prevention Leads to Circumvention

At our prime location on 402 Broadway, our staff at Tribeca Dental Care emphasize brushing and flossing after drink time or meals to keep teeth and braces functioning at a high level. The right tools combined with simple steps lead to superior results!

Contact us today to get the details! We keep teeth health and Invisalign care in perfect alignment!

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