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When patients receive teeth straightening via Invisalign treatments from a qualified Invisalign Dentist, the time it takes before that dazzling smile reaches full potential averages about one year. It depends on the condition of the teeth, as each mouth is unique. At our top-rated facility in NYC, we research to ensure your Invisalign Braces are fitted to your specific needs.

What Can Affect How Long Treatments Take?

Invisalign can be used to address teeth correction cases ranging from minor to severe. If your teeth are moderately or severely crooked or given to overcrowding, it factors into the length or extent of treatment periods. Age also can play a factor. Teenage users of Invisalign often require less time for their teeth to adjust compared to adults. If a patient has had metal braces in the past and needs correction, the process also may be quicker. Whether treatment takes a few months or perhaps 24, we know that the perfect smile can make the near future beam brighter.

How Does Invisalign Work for You?

The traditional choice among numerous new and current dental procedures, metal braces are swiftly becoming the “last” choice in clinics today. In favor of the lighter, transparent design indicative of Invisalign braces, sufferers of underbites, overbites, overcrowding, or crooked teeth are finding relief with this advanced cosmetic dentistry treatment. The American Association of Orthodontics mentions how millions undergo various orthodontic treatments at any given time. We at Tribeca Dental Care provide high-quality Invisalign treatments straightening the teeth of people all over the New York area through customized aligners. Every few weeks aligners are replaced with new aligners to ensure our patients’ teeth properly adjust. Forget the old metal mouth!

Smile With The Professionals at Tribeca Dental Care

The professionals at Tribeca Dental Care understand what flexibility means to patients who are struggling to maintain a higher quality of life on a smaller budget. Our skilled dentists provide exemplary care of teeth, and our financing options can help assuage budgets in any bracket. Straightening teeth shouldn’t have to be a study in metal work, unseemly wires, and awkward smiles.

With an optimal location and trained staff that improve confidence and facilitate success for their clientele, Tribeca is bringing the benefits of Invisalign to everyone! Stop by or contact us today to attain that perfect smile!

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