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There are many reasons to enjoy living in and around New York City, but the quality of the education stands out for any family. You’ll find some of the best private and public schools in the U.S. here, and it’s almost time for kids to return to their halls.

That also means it’s time for a dental exam and teeth cleaning!

There’s no better time of year to schedule a regular dental checkup than just before school.

Let’s consider five reasons why:

Starting the School Year Right

A bright smile helps people look and feel better at any age. No matter their year in school, most kids are focused on making a great impression on students and their teachers. Give them the confidence they deserve with a dental cleaning so they know they will be at their best.

Scheduling Convenience

During the school year, it can be tough to schedule even the most basic things. A simple family night out might be weeks in the making. There are so many activities to think about, it’s best to get certain things out of the way. One of those can be your six-month dental checkup.

Catching Problems Early On

Most dental health problems develop slowly over time. It’s hard to notice a pinpoint cavity that might be in the back teeth, for example. The sooner your dentist catches these problems, the less troublesome they will be. To make that happen, you need to schedule regular exams.

Supporting Long-Term Dental Health

Kids have so much to think about during the school year that it’s not surprising if things like brushing and flossing (especially flossing!) are sometimes forgotten. Going to the dentist twice a year reinforces positive habits and makes it easier to maintain them.

Getting Started on Treatment

Some dental issues might take several office visits over a long period of time to resolve – for example, braces. Few kids get excited about braces, but straight teeth are healthier and safer. The sooner you get started, the sooner they can do their work.

Tribeca Dental Care is the Dentist in NYC You Can Rely On

Tribeca Dental Care serves patients of all ages. We even offer teeth-whitening services safe for kids and teens to use. Choose them and you’ll get a take-home whitening kit that can produce results in time for school. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us.

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