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No matter if you’re looking for general dentistry, teeth whitening or help from an emergency dentist, it’s crucial to have a dentist in NYC you trust. At Tribeca Dental Care, we’ve been honored to welcome patients from throughout New York City and its surroundings – even as far away as New Jersey. We know visiting us is a commute for some patients!

If you’re coming to Tribeca Dental Care from afar, why not make a day of it? There’s so much to see and do in NYC, it’s worth it to take some time and explore.

Let’s look at 10 ways to make your visit fun!

The Oculus

Located near our office, The Oculus opened in spring 2016 and serves as the World Trade Center Transportation Hub for accessing commuter trains and 11 subway lines. The striking white building was designed to look like a dove taking flight and it is next to the Ground Zero memorial.

Canal Street Market

Another great attraction near our office, Canal Street Market is located where Chinatown and SoHo merge and features all kinds of different restaurants, retail spaces and design businesses.

If you’re making a full day of your visit to our office, consider visiting these other great locations and attractions.

Central Park

During the day, the sprawling Central Park is a truly iconic experience. Plus, there are tons of fun attractions for kids to enjoy. A great way to make the dentist visit something to look forward to!

Metropolitan Museum of Art

It’s one of the top art collections in the world, and not hard to figure out why. The Met is home to some of history’s greatest artists as well as the top names of today.

Grand Central Station

OK, depending on where you’re coming from, this one might be a given. Still, it’s important not to forget that Grand Central Station is a big piece of New York City history.

The High Line

This 1.45-mile long park has been built right into an elevated piece of a disused New York Central Railroad spur. It’s another unique place that kids love to visit.

Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo isn’t the world’s largest by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s the place to find some popular animals – residents include polar bears, sea lions and big cats.

Times Square

Although nothing beats Time Square at New Year’s, visiting it any time can be a terrific experience. Keep an eye out for hot dog vendors!

The Statue of Liberty

Although parts of the statue have been closed to visitors on and off for the last few years, it is still the best view you can get anywhere around New York City – and that’s saying a lot!

New York Botanical Gardens

This oasis in the city is home to 50 breathtaking gardens, 30,000 trees and one of the world’s most famous greenhouses.

For an NYC dental office you’ll love, contact Tribeca Dental Care .

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