Dentist services, almost more than any other medical community, tend to have a disconnect between modern dentists and those who have been practicing from several decades. Make an appointment at one dentist for a consultation and then go just down the street and get a totally different suggestion for dental services.

And who are you to decide which is best? You just want a nice, shiny smile, right? So which implant dentist do you choose, and how can you tell whether dental bridges are the way to go or if you should hire the services of an implant dentist. And, better yet, where can you find an expert on both procedures, one that understands the pros and cons of both procedures and what they can mean for your mouth?

Dr. NAME OF DOC, a prominent NYC dentist, explains the key differences between bridges and implants so that you can make an educated decision of which dentist to choose.

According to the doctor, dental implants are actually an artificial tooth root that a periodontist will place into the patient’s jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Whether the patient has lost the tooth to an injury or disease, dental implants can be a terrific option for those in adequate oral health.

One of the main differences between implants and dental bridges are that the implant dentist is actually able to better protect the patient’s other healthy teeth. This is because dental implants don’t rely on any other teeth for support.

In addition to better protecting the rest of your teeth, dental implants also tend to be more natural looking and feeling. Patients who have had bridgework can certainly attest to the initial discomfort and strange feeling associated with dental bridges. Yes, bridgework can give you your “teeth” back, but they never quite feel like they belong. Implants offer a much different experience and sensation.

The bottom line, is how you, as the patient can answer the following questions:

· Do my dentures make me feel less secure?
· Do I hide my smile because I am embarrassed of my missing teeth?
· Do you or have you had difficulty chewing?

If any or all of these questions in any way apply to you, you may be an excellent candidate for modern dentist services. Why is that and what can a modern implant dentist do for you? Here, in a nutshell, are 3 benefits of choosing modern dental implants over traditional bridgework:

· Implants can replace one or multiple teeth without hurting or damaging bordering teeth.
· Dental implants can support bridgework without the necessity of a removable partial denture.
· An implant dentist can provide support for existing dentures, making them both more secure and more comfortable.

If any of these solutions and benefits appeal to you, contact a local dentist and set up and appointment to discuss your particular case today. Do not wait another day to determine what an implant dentist may be able to do for you.

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