Dentists in NYC commonly get questions about root repair or problems at the center of a patient’s tooth. Those questions can best be answered by an endodontics dentist. There are several dentists NYC that specialize in getting to the root of the issue with problem teeth, and they want you to know the difference between what they do and what you will get from a dentist NYC who does not specialize in endodontics.

The first thing you need to understand is that endodontics is not just another type of dentistry. An endodontics dentist has, at minimum, 2 to 3 years of additional postgraduate schooling after he or she receives her dental degree. So your endodontics dentists in NYC not only know what every other dentist does, they know that much and more.

But what do they know about?

To answer that question we have to dig a little deeper, down beneath the enamel to inside your teeth. But don’t get squeamish now, we won’t be turning on that whirring drill you all love so much. Not this time at least. This is just an explanation.

Down deep beneath the enamel outer layer of your teeth, at the center, is a substance called “pulp.” Pulp is not like what you might find inside an orange. This is a collection of blood vessels and nerves that serve as the foundation of that tooth. That means, if the pulp gets infected, your tooth is in trouble!

In fact, according to top dentists NYC, infection of the pulp can cause pain, sensitivity to temperature and tooth decay. You may not see this progressing, but you sure will feel it. But what causes this sort of injury? The leading causes of pulp distress in a tooth include tooth trauma, cracks, chips or repeated dental procedures.

So what can that mean for you?

Because the pulp and the tissues surrounding the tooth root are so vital to the health of your tooth, infection in this area is a real cause for concern. And the need to get this treated, according to a top endodontics dentist, is both vital and immediate. This is because, due to the location and type of infection, endodontic distress can only get worse.

That means more pain. More infection. More sensitivity and more discomfort. But you do not have to suffer!

Endodontics dentists NYC have a variety of treatments than can be used to treat specific internal tooth issues. These treatments include root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment and, potentially, surgery. If these treatments seem extreme, remember, this is an extreme problem. And these endodontics dentists in NYC are the best of the best.

The sooner you look into the issues you are having, the more treatment options will be available to you and the better your prognosis will be. Stalling or delaying due to worry or fear or uncertainty will only create more problems or make current issues worse.

So don’t wait, if you are experiencing tooth pain, discomfort or sensitivity to temperature, make an appointment with certified endodontics dentists in NYC today.

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