Any parent knows that getting kids to do things that are not the most fun can be difficult, to say the least! Kids seem to have a one-track mind at all times. They love to play with their toys, but they hate to clean them up. They love to jump on the bed, but they hate to make it afterwards. They love to eat sweets, but they hate to take care of their teeth!
Getting your beloved child to start taking care of their pearly whites is no easy feat. Sure, they could spend 2-3 minutes brushing their teeth, but that is also 2-3 minutes that they could be watching Spongebob or drawing on your walls! So how are you supposed to get them to go to the dentists when necessary?
While it may not be the best approach in all situations, sometimes the reward system can be one of the best ways to make a dentist for children a more approachable option. For example, getting checked by the dentist twice a year is necessary, especially for children whose teeth are new and still developing. But, as we all know, getting them there can be a challenge.

If you offer a small reward after each successful dental visit, your child will start to come around. Maybe if you buy them a small toy to play with while they are in the waiting room, read them their favorite book, or bring them to see that movie they have been waiting to see, they will not be so down about the dentist next time!
A dental clinic outing can become something that your child learns to look forward to! It may sound crazy, but if you make it a point to make the rest of the day a little better, to balance the scales if you will, they will be much more responsive next time. Plus, it never hurts to do some bonding with your kids!
After a dentist appoint, you and the rest of the family can go out bowling, or maybe bring them to the arcade. Little rewards for good behavior will help your children to want to do the right thing. Of course, it is important to teach them responsibility and let them know that they cannot always expect a reward whenever they deal with something unpleasant.
Besides getting your kids to keep a positive outlook when they think about going to the dentist, you should also encourage healthy habits at home. Play your child’s favorite song while you brush your teeth with them. Buy them a toothbrush that is their favorite color, and give it a name! Dental care doesn’t have to be boring for them!
Raising kids sure isn’t easy, but there are plenty of moments that make it all worthwhile. If you can use your child’s health as an excuse to spend some quality time with them, then why not go ahead and go for it? In the end, everyone wins.

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