Like Americans elsewhere, New Yorkers know that by practicing good oral hygiene, eating the right foods, and visiting a dentist in NYC, they can continue to enjoy great oral health well into their old age. The American Dental Association recommends that people visit their dentist at least once every six months. This is because dentists can provide comprehensive dental examinations, which can gauge the condition of the gums and teeth.

Dentists like Dr. Alla Dorfman of Tribeca Dental Care can provide a wide range of services ranging from oral checkups and cleanings, to periodontal assessments and consultation services. Their dental checkup is divided into two sets. The first set consists of teeth cleaning, polishing, as well as plaque and tartar removal. The second part of the dental checkup consists of visual examinations, evaluation, diagnosis, and recommendations. These are all done to keep the teeth in optimal condition and prevent tooth decay.

Tooth decay happens when the bacteria that is present inside the mouth creates acids that destroy the teeth. Bacteria thrive on food particles that have been left in the mouth. When oral bacteria and food combine, it forms plaque. Plaque is a sticky, colorless substance that is constantly producing bacteria in the mouth.

Oral bacteria can spread rapidly; in fact, it can start producing acids from food particles in as little as nineteen minutes. To counter this, patients are advised to keep oral bacteria at bay by brushing and flossing after every meal. If left in the mouth, plaque can harden into tartar,which are mineral deposits that reside above and below the gums.

When the tooth enamel is damaged, it will lead to tooth sensitivity, dental caries (cavities), and toothaches. At its most advanced stage, tooth decay will lead to tooth loss. That’s why when all else fails, dentists can install dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are prosthetic posts connected to titanium screws, which are inserted into the bone of the jaw. Protruding slightly above the gum line, crowns and dentures are attached to implants to take the place of lost teeth.

The best dental implants NYC residents can buy today have both the toughness and the appearance of natural teeth. When you speak or eat with these implants, it’s as if you were using your natural teeth. This way, patients can face the world with a renewed and gorgeous smile.

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