The reality of the British humor that has been so thoroughly appreciated for generations is that it is a result of a culture that has for many a generation neglected something that is so important to modern culture that it is a sign of overall health: oral hygiene. Is it just a rumor that the English have bad teeth? Well, it’s not to say that all Brits neglect their mouth, but it has without a doubt had an effect on their humor.

In past centuries, the nobility of an individual was an issue of great importance. Classism once ruled supreme in Middle-Europe, and the knighting of a man brought him into the upper circle of society. The culture that trickled down from the highest societal posts really influenced the overall culture even after higher posts were to be later gained through business exploits and foreign conquest. Sadly, modern dentistry is not as ancient as some of the cultural nuances that date back centuries in England.

Because the mouth was not well prepared to handle the advent of cane sugar, one of Britain’s favorite discoveries of overseas expansion began to rot teeth and gums. Those members of higher society who could afford and were addicted to sugar knew not how to stall the conquest of rottage on their face. Embarrassed by decay, the nobles got into the habit of not revealing their teeth, even to laugh.

In short, that is why a dentist in our day and age will cure the British comedian of what really ails him: bad teeth. All of British humor has it’s root in trying to be funny without opening the mouth or laughing out. Tribeca Dental Care is a professional dental clinic that will take the shame out of laughter. If you still want to get on like a goofy British comedian after taking the proper steps to fight tooth decay or otherwise arrange your grill, that is your prerogative. Keep your lips tight to hide those pearly whites.

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