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New York Fashion Week is going on now and our team at Tribeca Dental Care is excited to be so close to the action on the runways in downtown Manhattan! While the models are certainly keeping tight-lipped, are you ready to show your best smile?

Runway Models: To Smile or Not?

Runway models are strictly there to showcase the designer’s clothing – to be a blank canvas – nothing more. A model’s personality must never shine through or distract while they are masquerading down the catwalk. A smile (or frown) might convey their feelings about their outfit and cause the consumer to think they don’t look fashionable. They need to look strong and poised in any ensemble the designer creates for them. Both their composure and swagger are keys to successfully making it down the runway.

Does History Lend a Hand?

History plays a part in their behavior, too. Runway models may be channeling their inner 19th-century aristocrat. It is believed that they never smiled when posing for portraits in order to show their sophisticated, upper-class status. As we moved into the 20th century it was important to maintain that superiority with the “unflappable” look in fashion photography. It is believed that controlled manner elevates the clothing to appear more valuable.

Runway Models vs. Social Media Models

Runway models are a stark contrast to the models we see flaunting their bright, white smiles on social media sites like Instagram. Those amateur and street models want to create a relationship with the viewer, whereas runway models want to be perceived as unapproachable, unshaken and self-assured.

Let Your Confidence Shine

While the models on the runway don’t like to show their teeth, it is important to note that a smile is a clear sign of confidence. Would you like to showcase your personal style with a vibrant, white smile?

Consider Teeth Whitening or Cosmetic Options

At Tribeca Dental Care, we offer many options to help you attain the look you want to achieve. Come visit our NYC dental office today for everything from preventative care to teeth whitening to cosmetic dentistry services. Invisalign clear braces, veneers and lumineers, and dental implants are just a few of the options we offer. Our team here at Tribeca Dental Care will have you smiling both on and off the runway!

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