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Once thought of as a purely cosmetic luxury, braces are now seen as a necessity in many cases. In order for healthy adult teeth to stay healthy, a proper bite and alignment is necessary. For children who aren’t blessed with naturally straight teeth, orthodontics can save them from years of dental issues and a poor […]

Tooth whitening doesn’t have to be about chemicals and dentists. You can have whiter teeth just be eating certain foods! Not only will your teeth be beautiful, your taste buds and tummy will be happy, too. Here’s what you should know about foods that naturally whiten your teeth. In order to make sure your smile […]

Almost everyone has something about their smile that they don’t like. It could be a tiny chip on a tooth, some mild discoloration, or even a gap between their front teeth. All of these problems make us hesitate to open our mouths for a full smile, and over time, these imperfections can affect confidence and […]

When you’re considering teeth straightening as a way to perfect your smile, there are various methods available. Metal braces and retainers were historically your only choice, but orthodontic technology has improved greatly. You can now get invisible braces that provide many benefits. Invisalign braces eliminate many of the issues caused by traditional metal braces and retainers and […]

A key factor to maintaining overall good health is dental care. Visiting a dentist regularly is vital to the health of not just your teeth and mouth, but your entire body. A simple brush and floss routine and a check-up every six months are all it takes to maintain a healthy dental care regimen. Taking […]

Everyone wants a healthy smile made up of a mouthful of straight, white teeth. Here at Tribeca Dental Care, we take great pride in helping our patients upgrade their smiles every day. For teeth straightening, the crucial question is which type of braces – Invisalign or traditional metal braces — is going to be best for me? […]

Invisalign Myths Invisalign braces are invisible braces that discreetly correct your smile. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully understand the benefits of Invisalign braces over traditional braces. If you are curious about Invisalign, check out these five common myths and learn the truth for yourself. Myth 1: Invisalign Braces Work Slower Than Traditional Braces Invisalign braces move teeth just as fast as traditional […]

Many people don’t realize how important good dental hygiene really is to their overall health. From a number of mouth- and teeth-related diseases to the awkward bad breath when first meeting someone, dental hygiene plays a major role in a person’s life. It’s because of these factors that everyone should make sure to pay regular […]

Clean Invisalign aligners using common household items. Easy and effective. There are many companies that offer cleaning solution for Invisalign aligners. The problem is they are expensive and perhaps just as effective as cleansers you can find in your house. So why not save a few bucks by following the simple instructions below, and clean invisalign aligners yourself? […]

Malocclusion progression ruins your dental health little bit each day. So you want to have your teeth straightened with Invisalign. But several factors put you into a hesitant state. Maybe it’s the price, the pain, or the maintenance involved. Soon enough, you become preoccupied, and decide to wait it out. Your teeth won’t wait for you. […]